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Darren McLinton



Darren went from being a retired professional athlete with no Plan B to a trusted trainer of Malcolm Brogdon. Darren strongly believes that the secret to helping others succeed is studying their skill level, helping them develop, and having healthy relationships. He helps people like Malcolm set a goal and make a plan to improve continuously.

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Level Up Your Skills

Darren has quite the story! His passion for sports, plus developing a number of important skills, has landed him in a job he loves. But, as he shares, you always need a Plan B. Check out the playlists below to start to build skills that will allow you to pursue a number of career paths!

Playlist: Professionalism


This playlist will help you build your understanding of what being professional looks like and feels like.

Playlist: Digital tools for collaboration

Digital Tools for Collaboration

Develop digital fluency by using tools and resources for collaboration and time management.

Playlist: Digital tools for goal-setting

Digital Tools for Goal-Setting

Develop digital fluency and apply skills in time management and goal-setting using digital app resources.

Playlist: Dependability and reliability

Dependability & Reliability

Introduction to the essential "why's" and "how's" of making sure others can count on you at work.

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