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Jann Adams

Executive Director,

Brogdon Family Foundation


Jann shares her journey of going from a simple life as a child in Waco TX to a 30-year veteran teacher of Morehouse College and an Executive Director of the Brogdon Family Foundation. Jann believes to be successful, you need to focus on relationships and the opportunities those relationships create in your life.  

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Level Up Your Skills

On her journey, Jann took a number of different steps to get to where she is today and to do so, she had to build a variety of skills. The playlists below focus on the skills she’s found most important to her life and career.

Playlist: Writing your story

Writing Your Story

Gain insight into personal branding, narrative marketing, and the usefulness of internships.

Playlist: Becoming a good presenter

Becoming a Good Presenter

Identify what is needed to make an effective and engaging presentation.

Playlist: Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

Gain these critical skills that employers seek in their employees.

Playlist: Workplace communications

Workplace Communications

Learn how your words, your tone and even your body language all make a difference in how others understand you.

Playlist: Finding a natural mentor

Finding a Natural Mentor

Develop the skills to identify adults other than your parents who fit your needs in a mentor.

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