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Jemel McWilliams

Artistic Director


Not only is Jemel McWilliams multi-talented but he is also Emmy Nominated for his work with Janelle Monáe on her Oscar Awards performance. A true visionary, he’s an artistic director, choreographer and producer who has worked with Lizzo, John Legend, Nicki Minaj, and so many more.

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Level Up Your Skills

An Artistic Director sounds like a dream career, right? Well, you have to start somewhere! And a lot of times, it’s more than just being creative. The playlists below help you build a base for life and career.

Playlist: Learn to budget

Learn to Budget

You have a job. You're starting to earn. It's time to figure out what to do with the money you worked hard for.

Playlist: Digital tools for collaboration

Digital Tools for Collaboration

Develop digital fluency by using tools and resources for collaboration and time management.

Playlist: Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

Gain these critical skills that employers seek in their employees.

Playlist: Money mind

Money Mind

Learn how to do more with your pay. Manage your time sheet and taxes to maximize your pay. Work your money mind.

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