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Malcolm Brogdon

NBA Point Guard


Malcolm went from an underdog inner-city kid to a successful NBA player by leveraging his support system, staying focused and disciplined, and used the power of a good education.


Not only has Malcolm achieved a successful athletic career, but he has also used his platform to create a voice for minorities and created a foundation that helps others.

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Level Up Your Skills

In his video, Malcolm talks about the skills he's built on and off the court that have helped him achieve the level of success he has today. We have handpicked the LRNG playlists below to give you the chance to start to build your skills in these areas, as you start to achieve your own goals.  

Playlist: Money Mind

Money Mind

Learn how to do more with your pay. Manage your time sheet and taxes to maximize your pay. Work your money mind.

Playlist: Awareness and Activism

Awareness & Activism

Raise your voice and engage in a critical conversation about a civics issue through media making.

Playlist: Dependability and Reliability

Dependability & Reliability

Introduction to the essential "why's" and "how's" of making sure others can count on you at work.

Playlist: Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Learn how to establish healthy financial habits and how to grow your money.

Playlist: Social Justice and Me

Social Justice & Me

Explore ways to advocate for social justice for every person in your community.

Playlist: Time Management

Time Management

Develop digital fluency and apply skills in time management and goal-setting using digital app resources.

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