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Mark Wilkins

Financial Advisor


Listen to Mark describe how he got started in financial services and the work he does as a private wealth advisor, and who he does it for. Mark also shares why it's important to be intellectually curious and how caring for other people has helped shape his life and career. 

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Level Up Your Skills

Have you ever thought about a career in financial services or being a financial advisor? Chances are you may not have, but hopefully Mark’s story has helped you better understand what this work looks like and highlights how it goes beyond just numbers and requires skills in teamwork, collaboration and decision making. Check out the playlists below to start building your portfolio of skills.

Playlist: Ethical Decison making

Ethical Decision Making

Learn the skills you need to make smart, ethical decisions that have a positive impact on your workplace and community!

Playlist: Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Understand why conflict happens and learn how to use conflict resolution strategies in different situations.

Playlist: Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Explore issues of immigrant rights, gun reform, housing, homelessness, and mental health.

Playlist: Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

Gain these critical skills that employers seek in their employees.

Playlist: Career Exploration

Career Exploration

What do you want to be when you "grow up"? The only way to truly answer this question is to get to know yourself!

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