Connecting the Dots:

From Passions to Careers

We’ve all dreamed about being famous and having an exciting career. From NBA players to musicians, actors to artists, and everything in between – Project Constellation delivers educational videos that show you how to follow your dreams and create the future you want, all while discovering new career paths you didn’t know existed. Explore two “constellations” as we like to call them and start to see how you can pursue your passion.  
Mark Wilkins,
Financial Advisor
Jann Adams,
Executive Director
Brogdon Family Foundation
Darren McLinton
Malcolm Brogdon, NBA Point Guard
Malcolm went from an underdog inner-city kid to a successful NBA player by leveraging his support system, staying focused and disciplined, and used the power of a good education.
Not only has Malcolm achieved a successful athletic career, but he has also used his platform to create a voice for minorities and created a foundation that helps others.
Sometimes we aren’t as sure about the specific role or career we want but we know we have a particular interest area, such as being creative, working with people, or traveling. And that’s relevant too - because finding something that you love to do is as important as your paycheck. 
Friends at Work
Friends At Work partners with the world’s greatest artists and impacters to help their visions thrive and realize both their creative and social impact passions. They are a full-service management firm that includes expertise in touring, digital, marketing, branding, creative and philanthropy. FAW’s robust musical roster includes some of the world’s most respected and beloved artists, including John Legend, Charlie Puth, Lindsey Stirling, and Raphael Saadiq. 
Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 12.26.45
Jemel McWilliams,
Artistic Director
Ashaya Robinson,
Creative Director
Taina Nieves,
Artist Manager
Sarayu Caulfield,
Junior Manager &
Assistant to the CEO
Jarrett Harper,
Social Impact Coordinator
Project Constellation is an experiment to use the power of storytelling as a tool for exposure, connecting the dots from passions to careers.
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