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Sarayu Caulfield

Junior Manager & Assistant to the CEO


Sarayu Caulfield is part of the Friends At Work artist management team. She works as a junior manager at Friends at Work, where Sarayu’s recent efforts include working on the management teams of John Legend and more, while also managing talented new artists like the pop-rock duo, VOILÀ, to widespread recognition, and presenting to the Grammys Task Force about rank choice voting.

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Level Up Your Skills

Being in the music industry is a lot more than just making music! Sarayu dives into the layers of work that make up being a music manager (even data analytics) and how her exposure to the industry really opened her eyes to the skills required to be successful. Get started on your path with some of the LRNG playlists we’ve selected below.

Playlist: Digital tools for collaboration

Digital Tools for Collaboration

Develop digital fluency by using tools and resources for collaboration and time management.

Playlist: Emotional Intelligence

EQ = Emotional Intelligence

We all experience many different emotions every day. Learn what EQ is and how it can affect your success.

Playlist: teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

Gain these critical skills that employers seek in their employees.

Playlist: Get to know:Spreadsheets

Get to Know: Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a common tool for organizing, sorting, and visualizing data. Get to know why and how we use them.

Playlist: Digital tools for goal-setting

Digital Tools for Goal-Setting

Develop digital fluency and apply skills in time management and goal-setting using digital app resources.

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