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Taina Nieves

Artist Manager


Taina Nieves is part of the Friends At Work artist management team and runs day-to-day for John Legend. Taina first established her reputation within the music industry when she began working with Earth, Wind & Fire in 2010 and since then has become an integral part of the FAW management team.

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Level Up Your Skills

What does it take to be John Legend’s manager? Hustle and struggle. And as Taina puts it “You’ve got to start somewhere.” Taina’s path took some turns, but there are skills that you can build to help you navigate those turns and land in a place you love. Check out the playlists below to get started.

Playlist: College search 101

College Search 101

Planning for College can feel overwhelming. This playlist details things to consider.

Playlist: Build your linkedin profile

Build Your LinkedIn Profile

Make professional networking connections with other individuals who share similar goals & career interests.

Playlist: Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

Gain these critical skills that employers seek in their employees.

Playlist: Emotional Intelligence

EQ = Emotional Intelligence

We all experience many different emotions every day. Learn what EQ is and how it can affect your success.

Playlist: Dependability and Reliability

Dependability & Reliability

Introduction to the essential "why's" and "how's" of making sure others can count on you at work.

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